Rented Property Insurance

Rented Property Insurance - Student Insurance - Block Halls Insurance - Tenant Possessions Insurance - Tuition Fee Insurance

Tenant and Student Insurance

Student and Tenant Insurance

Tenant Possessions Insurance

Tenant contents & possessions insurance for renters, living in halls of residence, privately owned rented accommodation, shared accomodation or a block halls scheme.

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Block Halls Student Insurance

If you’re living in halls or university accommodation, you may already have some insurance cover in place. Campus Block Halls insurance provides group contents and possessions insurance to cover to students living in accommodation managed by universities, colleges, housing associations and specialist student accommodation providers.

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Student Insurance - Tuition Fee and Rent Protection Insuance

Tuition/Course Fee and Rental Protection provides cover for the reimbursement of non-refundable tuition/course fees and/or rent paid.

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