- Terms

  1. Definitions:
    • 'Us', 'We', 'Our' means Rooms For Let or Dacan Internet Limited.
    • 'Landlord/s' means users registered with Rooms For Let as landlord/s or letting agents in order to advertise a property or properties to rent.
    • 'Tenant/s' means users registered with Rooms For Let as tenants seeking accommodation.
    • 'Website', 'The System' means
    • 'Member/s', 'User/s' means any individual registered with Us as a Landlord, Tenant or Agent.
    • 'Advert/s', 'Listing/s' property advert or room wanted details posted to the Website.
  2. All property advertisements are provided by third party landlords and are not owned or controlled by Us and We accept no responsibility for inaccuracies in any property adverts.
  3. We accept no responsibility for any damage, injury, loss either physical or financial as a result of advertising or enquiring on a property advertisement on the Rooms For Let website.
  4. Landlord adverts are activated upon receipt of payment or when a PayPal subscription is set up. There are a number of activation options available:

    • Initial Purchase Offers - Where you have recently registered and not previously purchased these options:
      1. First advert for just £5 for one month - normal price £20
      2. 1 Month subscription free of charge for 2 weeks in order to trial the system and then 2 equal payments of £15. There is a free renewal available for a further 1 month with this option if required.
        Both of the above options are one-time only purchases.
    • Once you have utilised the options above there are 2 standard priced options available:
      1. 1 month Upfront Payment - £20
        Advertise a room or single property for one month for just £20. At the end of the initial month you will also receive the option of renewing free of charge for a further 1 month.
      2. Multiple adverts purchased for 12 months starting at 5 adverts for £60.
        This option is ideal for letting businesses or those with a number of rooms or properties.
    • Subscriptions
      1. A subscription is for one month with the first 2 weeks free of charge. No payment is taken when the subscription is initially set up to allow a trial of the system. Automatic payments are then taken of £15 after two weeks with a further £15 one week later (prices correct as of 13 November 2015)
      2. Subscriptions may be cancelled via PayPal at any time during the subscription period.
      3. Please note We cannot cancel a subscription as this must be done, by you, via PayPal. If an automatic payment has been taken during the subscription period, no refunds will be made.
      4. Deleting an advert will not cancel a subscription, this must be done via PayPal.
      5. Where a subscription is cancelled via PayPal this will automatically de-activate the relevant advert.
    • Multiple Adverts
      1. Prices for Multiple advert purchases can be viewed during the activation process and are dependant on the number of adverts selected.
      2. Multiple adverts will last for 1 year (365 days) from date of purchase. Multiple adverts purchased at the same time will all expire on the same date regardless of the date the advert is actually added to the account.
      3. All adverts are activated only when relevant payment (or subscription) has been made and will automatically de-activate on the expiry date (or subscription cancellation) if no renewal has been made.
  5. There is a Free renewal option for £20 and Subscription options whereby, if you purchase an advert or continue to the end of the subscription period of 1 month, you receive a one-off free renewal option for the same period of time as that purchased (additional 1 month free of charge). There is no free renewal option for the annual, multiple advert purchase or the £5 initial offer purchase.
    • In order to receive the free renewal you must login to your account from 2 days prior to the expiry date (after you receive your renewal notices) and click the Renew link and then the Renew button.
    • In order to receive the free renewal the advert must be renewed no later than 7 days after the expiry date following which a renewal must be purchased once again.
    • Free renewals are available once only per payment. Following the first free renewal a subsequent renewal payment must be made at which time a further free renewal option will become available.
  6. Any advert or listing found with content deemed to be offensive or malicious will be removed instantly and the landlord or user account will be de-activated and banned from future use
  7. Any Tenant or Landlord account de-activated due to offensive material or abuse of The System will not be reimbursed for any outstanding paid period
  8. Any abuse of The System including offensive or malicious behavior, manipulating pages in an attempt to set own prices or other issues deemed as abuse by Us will result in your account being banned and possible legal action being taken
  9. Any photographs added to the Website of abusive or offensive nature or with content of a sexual nature will be removed from the Website and the owner of these images will be banned from the Website. If the images are found to be of an extremely offensive nature legal action may be taken against the owner of the relevant account
  10. If uploading any images or text to the Website you warrant and guarantee that said image was created by you and is original to you or you have authority of the owner to use such image, text or content and does not infringe any other person's rights and have permission of any individual portrayed in the image to use such image. Any action or costs for copyright infringement will not be borne by Us and will be the responsibility of the account holder
  11. We do not sell or pass your information apart from between potential landlords and tenants as part of the service we provide and for the purposes your information was submitted, except in line with Clause 14 below. Property information added to the Website system is available to both landlords and potential tenants dependant on the criteria set and in line with The System purpose.
  12. Where a Landlord or Tenant makes an enquiry on a Room Wanted or Property advert, depending on the status of the account, relevant information will be passed to the other.
  13. Save for in Clause 14 below, the only contact details that will be exchanged are the relevant email addresses as a default. A telephone number will only be exchanged or displayed where there is express permission to do so provided by the landlord or tenant. This permission will be by way of a check box during the registration process and can be changed, with permission added or removed from within an account on the 'Edit Contact Details' page. A postal address, if provided will not be disclosed (except where the landlord is a business) unless added to the 'About' or 'Advert Description' section of an advert or any other section which is not specifically for address or telephone details.
    As a registered Property Business or Letting Agent your address, telephone number and web address (if added) will be displayed alongside active adverts.
    Telephone numbers, email addresses (and postal addresses for registered businesses) will only be displayed or disclosed where there is an active advert on the landlord account or where the tenant has purchased 'Full Access' and in conjunction with disclosure criteria above.
  14. Once an advert subscription has been set up or upfront payment made we may provide details of our Partners and a short questionnaire. You have the option of completing the questionnaire or skipping this section to return to your account. By agreeing to these terms and completing the questionnaire you agree to us passing your information to a relevant Partner dependent on the information you supply.
  15. We work with a number of Partners whose services we feel may benefit our Members. By registering with Us you agree to receive email newsletters and certain marketing material regarding the services provided by these partners. These communications will be sent exclusively by Us and no details will be passed to these Partners without the express permission of the member in question except in line with Clause 14 above. If any Member does not wish to receive material of this nature they may delete their account from the Website and no further correspondence will be received from Us
  16. Tenants registering with Us can contact any Landlord registered with Us via the Website system. However, properties added by a Landlord may not have been activated yet may still be available. In this case a 'Full Access' option is available to Tenants in order for them to receive contact details of Landlords when enquiring on inactive adverts.
    1. 'Full Access' relates only to the details of Rooms For Let Landlords on the Website system.
    2. Where a Property or Room Wanted advert re-directs to a third party service such as Easyroommate, these are not classed as Our Landlords or Members. We do not have access to this data and therefore cannot provide any details. Such data is not included in any paid offerings or Full Access. Where a Full Access payment is made no refund will be issued regardless of the success or otherwise of any enquiry to an advert.
  17. We accept no responsibility for data passing to third parties from Users of our Website system and passed by them.
  18. From time to time We run offers in conjunction with our partners. These offers and any payment of monies or vouchers are specifically limited to the terms of the offer at that time.
  19. All prices and terms are subject to change at any time without notice.
  20. Any individual or organisation advertising or enquiring on advertisements on this Website do so at their own risk.