These Terms should be read in conjunction with our Privacy and Cookie Policy.


  1. Definitions:
    • 'Us', 'We', 'Our' means Rooms For Let or Dacan Internet Limited. RoomsForLet is wholly owned and a Trading name of Dacan Internet Limited, Registered in the UK, Company No. 08021202
    • 'Landlord/s' means users registered with Rooms For Let as landlord/s or letting agents in order to advertise a property or properties to rent.
    • 'Tenant/s' means users registered with Rooms For Let as tenants seeking accommodation.
    • 'Website', 'The System' means
    • 'Member/s', 'User/s' means any individual registered with Us as a Landlord, Tenant or Agent.
    • 'Advert/s', 'Listing/s', 'Ad' property advert or room wanted details posted to the Website.
  2. All property advertisements are provided by third party landlords and are not owned or controlled by Us and We accept no responsibility for inaccuracies in any property adverts.
  3. We do not operate as an Agency and are unable to comment or assist with individual accommodation enquiries.
  4. We accept no responsibility for any damage, injury, loss either physical or financial as a result of advertising or enquiring on a property advertisement on the Rooms For Let website.
  5. All Terms are subject to change at any time and without notice.
  6. Any individual or organisation advertising or enquiring on advertisements on this Website do so at their own risk

  7. Landlords / Room Adverts

  8. Landlord Adverts go live on to the website once posted. No payment is required to post an advert on RoomsForLet but must be activated in order to contact potential Tenants or respond to any Enquiries or Messages.
  9. Landlord adverts are activated upon receipt of payment via PayPal or card payment. There are a number of activation options available:

    1. Initial Purchase Offer- First advert for just £9.95 for one month - normal price £20
    2. Once you have utilised the options above there are 2 standard priced options available:
      • 1 month - £20
        Advertise a spare room or single property for one month for £20. At the end of the month you will also receive the option of renewing free of charge for a further 1 month which must be activated within 7 days of the original expiry date..
      • Multiple adverts purchased for 12 months starting at 5 adverts for £60.
        This option is ideal for letting businesses or those with a number of rooms or properties.

      Multiple Adverts
      • Prices for Multiple advert purchases can be viewed during the activation process and are dependent on the number of adverts selected.
      • Multiple adverts will last for 1 year (365 days) from date of purchase. Multiple adverts purchased at the same time will all expire on the same date regardless of the date the advert is actually added to the account.
      • All adverts are activated only when relevant payment has been made and will automatically deactivate on the expiry date if no renewal has been made.
        In effect you are purchasing advert credits for one year for the number of adverts selected.
  10. There is a Free renewal option for £20 adverts, if you purchase an advert you receive a one-off free renewal option for the same period of time as that purchased (additional 1 month free of charge). There is no free renewal option for the annual, multiple advert purchase or the £9.95 initial offer purchase.

    9.1 In order to receive the free renewal you must login to your account from 2 days prior to the expiry date (after you receive your renewal notices) and click the Renew link and then the Renew button.

    9.2 In order to receive the free renewal the advert must be renewed no later than 7 days after the expiry date following which a renewal must be paid for.

    9.3 Free renewals are available once only per payment. Following the first free renewal a subsequent renewal payment must be made at which time a further free renewal option may become available.

  11. Tenants / Looking for a Room

  12. Individuals looking for available Rooms or Property are classed by us as 'Tenants'
  13. Tenants may register with us in order to make an enquiry on available rooms or properties or contact relevant Landlords
  14. Where a Tenant registers with Us, this information will be passed to relevant landlords where the details match Room or Property criteria
  15. Tenants registering with Us can contact any Landlord registered with Us via the Website system. However, properties added by a Landlord may not have been activated yet may still be available. In such a case, only limited information is sent to the Landlord who would then need to activate an Advert in order to receive full details of said Enquiry. Alternatively, there is a 'Full Access' option available to Tenants in order for them to send full enquiry details to relevant Landlords and also receive contact details of Landlords when enquiring on inactive adverts.

    13.1 'Full Access' relates only to the details of Rooms For Let Landlords on the Website system.

    13.2 Where a Property or Room Wanted advert re-directs to a third party service such as Easyroommate or Roomgo, these are not classed as 'Our' Landlords or Members. We do not have access to any contact information relating to these adverts and therefore cannot provide any details. Such data is not included in any paid offerings or 'Full Access'.

    13.3 Where a Full Access payment is made no refund will be issued regardless of the success or otherwise of any enquiry to an advert.

  16. Your Data and How We Use It

  17. We do not sell or pass your information apart from between potential landlords and tenants as part of the service we provide and for the purposes your information was submitted, unless required in Law
  18. The only data we collect is that needed in order to perform our service.
  19. Where a Landlord or Tenant makes an enquiry on a Room Wanted or Property Advert, depending on the status of the account, relevant information will be passed to the other
  20. Although we don't request a Date of Birth we do ask a Tenants 'Age' in order to match against Landlord/Room/Property criteria.
  21. As a Default, where a Tenant Registers or makes an Enquiry, we pass on the Name and Email address to relevant Landlords along with the 'About Me' description. This description may contain any information as provided by You. It is Your decision whether to enter a telephone number or other personally identifiable information in this section. Telephone number and other contact information entered here is hidden from Landlords with no active advert.
  22. While a Telephone number is required during the Registration process, this will only be exchanged or displayed where there is express permission to do so, provided by the Landlord or Tenant. This permission will be by way of a check box during the registration process and can be changed at any time, with permission added or removed from within an account on the 'Contact Details' page. A mobile number is requested in order to send SMS notifications, see 'Messages' below.
  23. A postal address for Tenants is not requested or required by Us during registration or in posting your requirements. If, during any discussion with a Landlord regarding a Room or Property, it is Your decision as to what other contact or personal information you may wish to divulge. You will need to provide further contact details to the landlord when entering in to a contract with them.
  24. A postal address for Private Landlords is not required or requested by Us during registration or when posting an advert, except where registering as an Agent or Business. During any discussion with a potential Tenant, the Landlord may possibly need to divulge this information. It is Your decision as to what further contact or personal information you may wish to divulge and is outside of our control. We accept no responsibility or liability for any information You divulge in this manner. Landlord details will need to be provided to the Tenant when entering in to a Contract to Let. This is separate from any dealings with or through RoomsForLet.
  25. A postal address is required during the payment process when paying by credit or debit card. These details are not stored by Us.
  26. Both Tenants and Landlords may add further information to the 'About', 'Further Details' or 'Description' sections when placing an ad and this may contain any information you deem suitable or necessary and may contain personal information. We accept no responsibility or liability for any information You divulge in this manner and which is outside of Our control.
  27. Where a Landlord registers as a Letting Business / Agent a postal address is requested. This is to display the address of a 'Bricks and Mortar' location.
  28. As a registered Property Business or Letting Agent your address, telephone number and web address (if added) will be displayed alongside active adverts.
    Telephone numbers, email addresses (and postal addresses for registered businesses) will only be displayed or disclosed where there is an active advert on the Landlord account or where the tenant has purchased 'Full Access' and in conjunction with disclosure criteria above.
  29. We accept no responsibility for data passing to third parties from Users of our Website system and passed by them.
  30. You may Delete your Account, when Logged In at any time using the 'Delete Account' link. This will delete all Your data from our system.
  31. We are committed to comply with GDPR rules, in force from 25 May 2018 and as such will ensure the following steps are taken in regards to your data:

    For further information on how we handle your data and for how long please visit our Privacy and Cookies page.

  32. Abusive or Offensive Content

  33. Any Advert or listing found with content deemed to be offensive or malicious will be removed instantly and the Landlord / Tenant / User account will be deactivated/Deleted and banned from future use. Offensive or malicious activity will include adverts or tenant accounts seeming to attempt to scam others. Certain flags will cause us to investigate further and may mean an advert is deleted, your account removed and blocked from future use:
    29.1 Attempts by landlords to seemingly scam others. Such attempts may include, but are not limited to, demands for payment upfront including deposit and rent while denying the potential tenant a viewing first.
    29.2 A landlord must agree to a viewing prior to demanding funds where this is requested by the tenant
    29.3 A Tenant requesting to pay an increased number of monthly rent payments than that required by the landlord.
  34. Any Account deactivated / Deleted due to offensive material or abuse of The System will not be reimbursed for any outstanding paid period
  35. Any abuse of The System including offensive or malicious behavior, manipulating pages in an attempt to set own prices or other issues deemed as abuse by Us will result in Your account being banned and possible legal action being taken
  36. Any photographs added to the Website of abusive or offensive nature or with content of a sexual nature will be removed from the Website and the owner of these images will be banned from the Website. If the images are found to be of an extremely offensive nature legal action may be taken against the owner of the relevant account
  37. If uploading any images or text to the Website you warrant and guarantee that said image was created by you and is original to you or you have authority of the owner to use such image, text or content and does not infringe any other person's rights and have permission of any individual portrayed in the image to use such image. Any action or costs for copyright infringement will not be borne by Us and will be the responsibility of the Account holder

  38. Website Design / To Rent Websites

  39. Where You require a website built to manage your properties based on our offering here and at, these are built by our parent company 'Dacan Internet Limited'. The websites/pages linked here are referred to as our 'Standard Set Up'
  40. Prices start as advertised but may change depending on Your requirements.
  41. Where additional work is required over and above our 'Standard Set up', a price will be agreed between You and Dacan prior to the commencement of such work.
  42. For all websites an initial payment is required (Full upfront payment or initial monthly payment).
  43. Advertised prices are based on You adding content via an easy to use Content Management System. We can quote to populate a website for you but all information must be sent to us electronically. Please see here for prices.
  44. Where additional design or development work is required / requested a fee estimate will be provided prior to such work commencing.
  45. A 25% deposit will be required upfront for any additional estimated work.
  46. The website will remain live for the period purchased and agreed. Renewal notices will be sent prior to the expiry date at which time You may decide whether or not to renew on the terms active at that time.

    Monthly Payment Option

  47. For monthly payment options the initial payment will start from £10 where you use Your own domain name or £20 where We register a domain name on Your behalf.
    .com and other domain extensions are available on request.
  48. The initial payment MUST be made by credit or debit card via an invoice issued by Us from our payment processors. PayPal payments are not accepted for this purpose.
  49. A recurring payment (Continuous Authority) will be set up from your initial payment card for the monthly amount agreed before hand.
  50. Payments will run from 1 month after the initial payment
  51. Monthly payments will continue until cancellation is requested and while the website remains live.
  52. Cancellation requests should be made using our Contact Form. We will cancel recurring payments as soon as possible once we receive Your request and following verification from You. The website will remain active until 1 month after the final payment is received unless you wish us to cancel sooner.
  53. There is no minimum term contract for our standard website set up as detailed at and may be canceled at any time.


  54. Following receipt of upfront payment or initial monthly payment, We / Dacan will set up Your website based on our 'Standard Set Up' and on Your preferences (colour scheme, supplied logo) and our discussions with you.
  55. We will contact you once this is ready to seek your approval and at this time you will be able to populate the website via your online Admin facility.
  56. Where additional design work is requested we will create the design of the Home page, based on your brief and our discussions and then seek your approval.
  57. Once the design is approved we will implement any additional design requirements throughout the rest of the website and develop any further requested functionality.
  58. The website will be hosted on its own domain, on our servers, once final approval is received.
  59. For a Standard Set Up (where no additional work is requested), we aim to have a website ready within 5 working days of full payment or initial monthly payment. However, where this is not feasible, for example Christmas Holiday periods, we will endeavour to provide an initial design/completed website for Your approval within 2 weeks of receipt of the initial payment. Where there is a delay in excess of 2 weeks, through our own fault, for monthly payments, the recurring payment will be delayed for the corresponding amount of time.
  60. Where additional design work is requested and We seek your feedback or approval and there is a delay in excess of 30 days in receiving feedback / approval from You, an interim invoice may be issued for 80% of the outstanding balance (for upfront purchases) or monthly payments will continue to be processed until approval is received.
  61. Following approval of the initial design, should You subsequently wish to cancel Our agreement, the full balance will fall due immediately for the Upfront purchase option where additional work was requested.
  62. Where there are additional design or development requests, this will entail extra work and an estimate provided. If agreed, this amount must be settled either when the website goes live or as an agreed increased monthly amount.
  63. Where a monthly recurring payment is canceled and there is an outstanding balance from additional work, this will fall due immediately by Invoice.
  64. For additional work over and above our Standard Set Up, the agreed amount will fall due immediately a website is set live and hosted on its domain.


  65. Once complete all websites will be hosted on our servers and on Your domain name.
  66. For upfront purchase options the hosting will run for 1 or 2 years dependent on Your selection. Renewal notices will be sent out from 1 month prior to the end of this period.
  67. Where an account is renewed, the website still active and where we control the hosted domain name, we will renew that domain for a further period and as required.
  68. Hosting for monthly payment options will be on a rolling month to month basis.
  69. Where a monthly payment is not received, hosting will be canceled 1 month from the date of the latest payment and only re-activated when a successful payment is processed.
  70. Where a website is cancelled due to non-payment, any adverts posted to RoomsForLet will also be de-activated.
  71. For domain names under our control, if, at the time the domain name is due for renewal a website is inactive due to non payment, the domain name will not be renewed by Us.
  72. We will endeavour to contact You should a payment fail and the website becomes inactive and where a domain is due for renewal. However, we are not obliged to do so.

    Future Work and Updates

  73. All websites can be upgraded as required at any time
  74. An estimate will be provided based on your requirements.
  75. If agreed, a deposit may be required.
  76. The work will be carried out as soon as possible with payment/balance of payment due on completion.
  77. A monthly payment plan may be offered to cover the balance.

  78. Messaging

  79. In order for the RoomsForLet system to function effectively we need to send messages via email and/or SMS to the relevant Landlord and Tenant account holders. SMS messages will contain a simple link requesting you login to your account, t view an enquiry or match details. These SMS Messages will be triggered by the following actions:

    73.1 Direct enquiries sent by a Tenant to a Landlord via a Room or Property Advert
    73.2 Direct enquiry sent by a Landlord to a Tenant via the Rooms Wanted section of the Website
    73.3 Messages sent by either a Landlord or Tenant from the Best Matches section within a relevant account
    73.4 Matches sent to Landlords and Tenants where a Landlord adds or updates a Room or Property Advert
    73.5 Matches sent to Landlords and Tenants where a Tenant adds or updates their Profile and Preferences

  80. Depending on the status of an Landlord Advert or Tenant Profile, differing amounts of information will be provided in email notifications. In all cases you are able to Login to your account to view more details and take steps to respond to any Enquiries.

    74.1 Where an Advert or Profile is paid for and activated, Enquiries and Matching messages will contain an email address to make direct contact. However, we always recommend conversing initially via the RoomsForLet system
    74.2 Where an Advert and Profile is inactive, information provided will be restricted and released when an advert is activated.
    74.3 No payment is required to post an Advert or add a Profile to RoomsForLet. Either can be added free of charge. However, an Advert must be Paid for and Activated in order to respond to a Tenant Enquiry and to receive further contact details.
    74.4 Contact details will include Name and Email Address. Phone numbers will be shared on activated accounts only with the express permission of the account holder or when adding this information to a 'Description' or 'Message' field for an Active Advert.
    74.5 Where a phone number or email address or other contact information is added to a Description or Message field, this will not be displayed publicly on the website or in messages where an advert is inactive.

  81. All relevant notifications will be sent via Email and / or SMS messaging - Opting Out

    75.1 Where an Advert or Tenant Profile is Published on RoomsForLet, any direct enquiries will be sent to the relevant parties as outlined in Clause 73 and 74 above.
    75.2 If at any time you do not wish to receive Enquiries, you can either Pause or Delete an Advert (Landlord) or Deactivate or Delete a Profile (Tenant). This will remove your details from the public view of the website and stop any messaging.
    75.3 Pausing an active, paid Advert (Landlord) will retain any remaining time to be used in the future. You can Unpause at any time to restart.
    75.4 Landlords - To STOP matching notifications for Inactive Adverts you can Opt Out when logged in to your Account and clicking the 'Contact Preferences' tab. To STOP matching notifications for Active Adverts, Pause the Advert or Delete the Advert
    75.5 Tenants - To STOP matching notifications you can Opt Out when logged in to your Account and clicking the 'Contact Preferences' tab

  82. From time to time we may send marketing emails from ourselves regarding services or products offered by our partners which we feel may be of benefit to you. You will only receive these if you specifically OPT IN during registration or at any time from the 'Contact Preferences' tab within your Account. You can Opt Out at any time. We NEVER pass your details to third parties or our Partners under any circumstances.

  83. When registering with us you agree to the above Terms including our messaging Terms. These are required in order for us to provide an effective service. Whilst you can opt out of some messaging options, we reserve the right not to allow an opt out to essential updates, support and maintenance messages which we feel are important. If in the event you do not wish to receive these essential updates, you have the option at any time to delete your account. Deleting an account removes all your Data from our system along with any associated Adverts or Profiles.

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