High quality bedsit in good , safe, secure area.

£785 - Edinburgh

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1. We offer short (from 785- 1,200.-/pp/month) or long term. Available from 18th Dec. 2021.
3. BEST FOR SOLO VISITORS who enjoy/security/excellent accommodation, good genuine host and you will be well looked after and feel at safe at home like staying with relatives here.

BEFORE YOU CONTACT: Get information ready for effective communication.

1. Introduce yourself, who you are , career, photo.
2. Provide your check-in , check-out date
3. Your phone number, private e-mail if you want to see more photos

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Location: 5 mins. walk to Kings Buildings, 30 mins. walk to George Square, Bus, 37 (Roslin Institute),47,7. We are 10 mins walk to Cameron Toll shopping mall/Sainsburys' 5 mins. walk to supermarket, take away on Liberton Brae, our road. bus no. 7 to Royal Infirmary Hospital.


Property Type:
Room Only
Available From:
9th December 2021
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