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Michael Looking in Kirkby

Budget: £600 pcm
Michael User Image
53 I work full time

Patrick Looking in Kirkby

Budget: £600 pcm
Patrick User Image
I have recently separated from my wife, I am in full time employment subcontracting to openreach, I am a smoker but never smoke inside any property, my job often has me working away from home, I am a very

Timiya Looking in Aintree

Budget: £700 pcm
Timiya User Image

Faaiz Looking in Mereside

Budget: £500 pcm
Faaiz User Image
I am Faaiz Jamshaid.23 years old. Looking for single Room.

Clair Looking in Churchtown

Budget: £600 pcm
Clair User Image

Michael Looking in Knowsley

Budget: £600 pcm
Michael User Image
I am looking to start a new job in Knowsley in the coming month, around early April. I will be mostly working nights, 4 weeks of days every 34 weeks. Leaving for work between 6&8pm and arriving back around

Lee Looking in Southport

Budget: £500 pcm
Lee User Image
Hi my name is Lee, I work full time currently for the Home Office, I work 5 days a week 3 of those are working from home, in my spare time I run a YouTube channel where now and again I create content and

Megan Looking in Southport

Budget: £500 pcm
Megan User Image

Dario Looking in Southport

Budget: £700 pcm
Dario User Image
i work a 8-4 monday to friday job, im easy going and like to spend alot of time in my room on my computer as i do bits of work on the side, so i am looking for somewhere that can accomodate this

Andrew Looking in Huyton

Budget: £500 pcm
Andrew User Image
I am looking for room to rent close to Wilson road in huyton

Anthony Looking in Bootle

Budget: £400 pcm
Anthony User Image
Am on universal credit at the min with the view to go into full time work practically homeless if I don’t find a room asap

David Looking in Bootle

Budget: £400 pcm
David User Image
Looking spare room

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