Rooms Wanted In New Addington

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Jarmaine Beckenham
Budget: £500 pcm
Recently arrived from Bermuda with my 12 year old son,first time in England
R Addiscombe
Budget: £500 pcm
I'm a father of two teenage daughter's a professional hgv driver hard working individual none smoker chilled laid back person . settings gold's and working towards them .
Naz Bell Green
Budget: £200 pcm
Professional, quite, loves to cook
Wahab Farnborough
Budget: £400 pcm
Hi I'm coming Farnborough for one month to work in Morrison as security officers if you have single room available let me know as soon as possible thank you I'm not moving there should be 1st of July
Princess Croydon
Budget: £600 pcm
Sebastian Croydon
Budget: £500 pcm
I need to rent a double room in Croydon, first I will live alone and in 4/6 months my wife will come to live with me and I need the contract when she comes to be in her name. Is that possible? The budget
Liliana Croydon
Budget: £700 pcm
Anne Croydon
Budget: £500 pcm
I'm a professional working in the Gatwick area Family live out of London so travel to be with them weekly. Looking for a place I can stay yo easily get to work. I enjoy reading, gardening and travelling
Shobana Croydon
Budget: £600 pcm
Female Indian professional looking for 5 months
Collins Croydon
Budget: £500 pcm
Radu Croydon
Budget: £700 pcm
Bryan Croydon
Budget: £500 pcm
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