Rooms Wanted In Maidstone

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Hazel Maidstone
Budget: £900 pcm
Roy Maidstone
Budget: £500 pcm
Textile screen printer, looking for a room with all bills included and no more than two other people living there
Jade Maidstone
Budget: £400 pcm
I'm a 19 girl looking for a place to live so I can move out of my parents, I'm currently a par time sales assistant and keyholder for the company and I just want a space where I can work on my art as well.
Thomas Maidstone
Budget: £800 pcm
Attila Maidstone
Budget: £1000 pcm
Im looking for someone who wants to rent a flat or house in maidstone
Chloe Maidstone
Budget: £600 pcm
Ivaylo Maidstone
Budget: £600 pcm
Kurtis Maidstone
Budget: £600 pcm
Eavan Lords Wood
Budget: £600 pcm
I’ve recently moved from Ireland to Kent for work. I have friends and family living in the Waterslade/Lordswood area so was hoping to find a property there.
Aabha Gillingham
Budget: £500 pcm
Ademola Gillingham
Budget: £600 pcm
am easy and simple going someone and am a professional as well
Stephen Gillingham
Budget: £700 pcm
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