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Shabeer Looking in Bradford-On-Avon

Budget: £900 pcm
Shabeer User Image

Alice Looking in Westbury

Budget: £1000 pcm
Alice User Image

Emma Looking in Chippenham

Budget: £800 pcm
Emma User Image

Mercedes Looking in Devizes

Budget: £700 pcm
Mercedes User Image
I am nice. Thank 6

Kieran Looking in Yatesbury

Budget: £600 pcm
Kieran User Image
Hi I am a young lad who has had a head injury so I’m currently out of work, my head is getting better and I’m looking to be back to work in two months time, do you except housing benefit it’s guaranteed

Margaret Looking in Downend

Budget: £600 pcm
Margaret User Image
I am a female looking for a house.I love pets.staying in a home with or without pets im okay.No smoking.I love social life.I am keen to my boundaries.Im okay to share house with all gender.

JOSEPH Looking in Nailsworth

Budget: £700 pcm
JOSEPH User Image

Sisir Looking in Nailsworth

Budget: £600 pcm
Sisir User Image
I m an employee of The Old Lodge Hotel. I m an Indian. 46 years old. I m only 11 months in UK. Looking for a room to stay.

Scott Looking in St George

Budget: £600 pcm
Scott User Image
I'm 46, work full time. Friendly and approachable, happy to chat and equally respect people's space. Looking for double room ideally in St George, Bristol.

Rhys Looking in Broomhill

Budget: £600 pcm
Rhys User Image

Theodora Looking in Knowle

Budget: £500 pcm
Theodora User Image
I am Theodora, a care assistant at Dat Healthcare. I'm single, I need a room for myself.

Euan Looking in Easton

Budget: £500 pcm
Euan User Image

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