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Nykki Looking in Harwich

Budget: £500 pcm
Nykki User Image
Nerd, gamer, pagan. Double Room

David Looking in Harwich

Budget: £400 pcm
David User Image
I'm a 57 year old man looking for cheap accommodation in the Harwich area as I know the area well. I lived there in the 90's and am looking suitable accommodation to move back to.

Luciana Looking in Felixstowe

Budget: £500 pcm
Luciana User Image

Paulo Looking in Felixstowe

Budget: £500 pcm
Paulo User Image
Hi my name is Paulo ,I'm a hgv driver in felixstowe, I'm looking for a room in this area.

Balazs Looking in Felixstowe

Budget: £1000 pcm
Balazs User Image
We are Palatial Leisure Ltd, the operator of the Felixstowe Palace Bingo and Cinema and looking to rent a room available for our Management as and when needed to assists with running the bingo club and

Geralf Looking in Margate

Budget: £500 pcm
Geralf User Image

Tracy Looking in Ipswich

Budget: £500 pcm
Tracy User Image
One room needed

Mr Looking in Ipswich

Budget: £500 pcm
Mr User Image

Jeremy Looking in Clacton-on-Sea

Budget: £600 pcm
Jeremy User Image
Hi I'm Jeremy, I was born in Clacton and lived here nearly all my life, about 9 months or so I moved to Ipswich with my then partner but after a break down in the relationship I have moved back to Clacton

Andrew Looking in Ardleigh

Budget: £600 pcm
Andrew User Image
I work at dpd Dagenham as a supervisor I'm very quite won't even know I'm there

Damien Looking in Saxmundham

Budget: £800 pcm
Damien User Image

Mehmet Looking in Colchester

Budget: £500 pcm
Mehmet User Image
I will work fish and chip full time I am single 43 years old, I will be working from 9.30 till 8 pm. In town .only use few hours house sleep 8 hours .

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