Rooms Wanted In Christchurch

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Rob Christchurch
Budget: £500 pcm
Gary Christchurch
Budget: £700 pcm
I'm full in time employment, I am interested in keeping fit , healthy eating and listening to music . I don't smoke and have a single malt whiskey at Christmas and that's about it
Kay Christchurch
Budget: £400 pcm
Any decent live-in landlords out there? Looking for someone who would be happy to let their spare room at a fair price! Ideally a cool live-in landlord who is good-humoured, clean, quiet, relaxed,
Anthony Christchurch
Budget: £600 pcm
Abigail Bournemouth
Budget: £800 pcm
I am currently looking for either a house share or a one bedroom flat to rent as I currently don’t have anywhere to live and would be looking to move into the property ASAP. I do have a cat however
Lucy Bournemouth
Budget: £600 pcm
I work 3 nights a week so need a quiet household. No party animals. I am easy going and friendly. I'm a very tidy person and respect other peoples privacy. I'm quite private so will keep myself to myself.
JAFU Bournemouth
Budget: £400 pcm
I Jafu from India, pursuing MSc Engineering Project Management at Bournemouth University.
Steve Bournemouth
Budget: £400 pcm
I am an electrical engineer employed by Qinetiq, however I have currently problems with mobility due to arthritis. I still have an income due to a monthly insurance payout . I can no longer manage stairs
Louise Bournemouth
Budget: £400 pcm
Brian Bournemouth
Budget: £500 pcm
Evghenii Bournemouth
Budget: £400 pcm
Vaishnavi Bournemouth
Budget: £200 pcm
My name is Vaishnavi. I am traveling with my to Bournemouth. I am from India will be studying Bournemouth Uni for next 2 years and I will be travelling with my husband by last week of December, would like
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