Lodgers and Tenants Looking for Rooms to Rent in Bury St.Edmunds. Rooms Wanted

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Ogunkanmi Looking in Bury St.Edmunds

Budget: £900 pcm
Ogunkanmi User Image

Saarah Looking in Bury St.Edmunds

Budget: £500 pcm
Saarah User Image
Hi there, My name is Saarah- a healthcare professional looking for a space to rent in the area for work purposes. Ideally walking distance to the West Suffolk Hospital. I would be working 12 hour shifts

Andrew Looking in Sudbury

Budget: £200 pcm
Andrew User Image
Hi I am a professional hairdresser working in a franchise company in Sudbury I'm looking for a room to rent nearby as I work part time in the shop and go home weekends I will need the room Thursday night

Sara Looking in Southend-on-Sea

Budget: £600 pcm
Sara User Image
Likes music, sport, comedy. Quiet , clean , friendly. LGBT friendly. Likes to have a beer every now and then.

Brittany Looking in Beck Row

Budget: £500 pcm
Brittany User Image
I am a new pensioner. Just moved back from my daughter's in America. They are in usa military. She is british...I am too. I need a room just for me, no pets, Non smoker, non drinker.

Tyler Looking in Haverhill

Budget: £500 pcm
Tyler User Image
My family moved to Haverhill, I work full time locally and need somewhere to stay.

Stephen Looking in Haverhill

Budget: £700 pcm
Stephen User Image

Francis Looking in Mile End

Budget: £500 pcm
Francis User Image
A young teacher looking to get a decent room for rentage

NADHIYA Looking in Colchester

Budget: £600 pcm
NADHIYA User Image
I wanted family double bed room. Me , husband and I have 3 years old daughter

Laura Looking in Colchester

Budget: £700 pcm
Laura User Image

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