Rooms Wanted In Tamworth

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Agnieszka Tamworth
Budget: £500 pcm
Hello, a female 28 looking for a room to rent asap preferably with own bathroom.
Carl Tamworth
Budget: £600 pcm
Leighton Tamworth
Budget: £500 pcm
Am looking for a room in Tamworth. I am in full time employment
Julie Tamworth
Budget: £400 pcm
Worker single lady non smoker would like to rent a room near Gillway Coton Area
Tom Tamworth
Budget: £700 pcm
Moving to Tamworth for a year working full time, looking for a spacious room in a house share
Justin Tamworth
Budget: £500 pcm
Looking for room in Tamworth
Adam Tamworth
Budget: £500 pcm
Mark Dordon
Budget: £500 pcm
Manjeet Roughley
Budget: £300 pcm
Need room for rent
Weyrah Moor Hall
Budget: £200 pcm
I am a security analyst working in the Birmingham area
Martyn Sutton Coldfield
Budget: £1000 pcm
I am going to do some consultancy work in Sutton Coldfield for 12+ months and need a place to stay.. I have my own car and will need to park it nearby.
Sarah Lichfield
Budget: £500 pcm
Student aged 22 looking for a room
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