Rooms Wanted In Billericay

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Ben Billericay
Budget: £800 pcm
I am in full time work, I love going gym so literally I won't even be there much its just a base.
Kevin Billericay
Budget: £600 pcm
Alyx Basildon
Budget: £500 pcm
Carrie Basildon
Budget: £900 pcm
Me and my partner are looking for a double room/studio flat, We have a cat who's a very well behaved indoor cat (Bagherra) and a bearded dragon who lives in an enclosed vivarium (Ghengis), Pets are lazy.
Zydrune Basildon
Budget: £200 pcm
Christopher Basildon
Budget: £600 pcm
Jasmine Basildon
Budget: £500 pcm
BRETT Basildon
Budget: £500 pcm
Zydrune Basildon
Budget: £200 pcm
Sandra Basildon
Budget: £300 pcm
Miss Basildon
Budget: £400 pcm
Hi , I am a Chinese female Third year University student.I need to rent a room for 3 months till my University terms begins... My parents will pay the rent on my behalf.
Toby Basildon
Budget: £700 pcm
Male, looking for either a double bedroom house share OR single bedroom flat neat Pitsea station but still in the Basildon area
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