Rooms Wanted In Banbury

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Christina Banbury
Budget: £500 pcm
Hi! I am a dreamer interested in sudoku and origami, working on improving my English skills. I am easy going, calm, quite and polite adult. I am looking forward to settled down in Banbury because the environment
Jazmine Banbury
Budget: £700 pcm
My stepkids mum Antonia is fleeing domestic abuse in the states although she is British. She's returned to the area after 2 years and is sofa surfing till she can find somewhere near her kids in Banbury.
Tracy-Lea Banbury
Budget: £200 pcm
Looking for a place or room etc for me and my two young boys aged 6 and 10
Miss Banbury
Budget: £500 pcm
Hi my name is James I like to play x box when I can and I'm quite a big watcher of films and anime as well.
Amanda Lower Brailes
Budget: £600 pcm
I am quite with a small dog claiming horsing as currently on universal credit partner is working full time want to live together as soon as possible in part funished property a.s.a.p.
Lasma Leamington Hastings
Budget: £400 pcm
Ishmael Bicester
Budget: £600 pcm
I'm a working professional for a retail firm.
Vadims Bicester
Budget: £700 pcm
Frazer Bicester
Budget: £500 pcm
Working male. Keep myself to myself. Smoker but always smoke outside. Occasionally have a drink but not excessive. Looking for a room to rent
Simon Bicester
Budget: £800 pcm
Hello I’m a full time working lorry driver. Recently been made homeless by my ex. Just need a decent place to stay so that me and my daughter have on weekends some where safe and warm to live.
Fotis Bicester
Budget: £700 pcm
Hello My name is Fotis, I'm from Greece, 32 years old my current job is lorry driver. What I like to do in my free time is work out, riding, travel. For eny query please don't hesitate to contact me Thanks
Maria Daventry
Budget: £500 pcm
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