Rooms Wanted In Ashford

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Michael Ashford
Budget: £600 pcm
Mature, professional male in full time employment looking for a room/small property to rent
Nancy Ashford
Budget: £700 pcm
Working couples
Paul Ashford
Budget: £700 pcm
I'm looking for a bedsit I am on benefits but I can get help to pay my rent the benefit office said they can pay up to [phone removed]a little bit less
Ogunlowo Ashford
Budget: £600 pcm
I and my partner are looking for a double room in Ashford.
Linda Ashford
Budget: £400 pcm
I would like to rent a room for 3 months initially from 28th may, then month by month after until i find a place to live! With my daughter and her children! Thankyou
Kallem Ashford
Budget: £700 pcm
Lesley Ashford
Budget: £500 pcm
Budget: £700 pcm
I desperately need an accommodation
Nick Ashford
Budget: £700 pcm
David Ashford
Budget: £400 pcm
Professional catering manager requires short term accommodation whilst working locally
Megan Ashford
Budget: £600 pcm
Hi I’m looking for a double room to share with my step mum we are both on universal credit but she’s also on pip we are under the council due to being homeless I look forward to hearing back from
Matt Ashford
Budget: £200 pcm
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