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Fermin Looking in Andover

Budget: £800 pcm
Fermin User Image

Definite Looking in Andover

Budget: £800 pcm
Definite User Image
Am looking for a double occupancy as my partner is coming to stay with me in Andover.

Chidi Looking in Kings Worthy

Budget: £500 pcm
Chidi User Image
Am a health care worker in Lincoln but got another job with Whisper care solutions in winchester. Am looking for a temporary accommodation to settle and go to work as well as get a place to move in with

Shea Looking in Romsey

Budget: £600 pcm
Shea User Image
Hi All, I’m moving to the Southampton/Hampshire area as I am starting a placement job for Southampton football club mid June. I will work Monday-Friday and go home back to Oxford most weekends, however

Lukasz Looking in Winchester

Budget: £600 pcm
Lukasz User Image
I'm a 39 year old professional, working with people with various learning disabilities. I'm also a writer with 3 published novels, mountaineer, skier, traveller and adventurer. Looking for a quiet acomodation,

Entalina Looking in Winchester

Budget: £900 pcm
Entalina User Image
I am looking for a place that accepts DSS. Looking to relocate for a better life.

Thomas Looking in Eastleigh

Budget: £600 pcm
Thomas User Image

Mohammad Looking in Eastleigh

Budget: £500 pcm
Mohammad User Image

Fraser Looking in Eastleigh

Budget: £600 pcm
Fraser User Image

Oliver Looking in Calmore

Budget: £700 pcm
Oliver User Image
hi my names oli i am 32 year old slightly autistic male am currently split between sofa surfing and living on the streets on a weekly basis

Scott Looking in Redbridge

Budget: £600 pcm
Scott User Image
im looking for a room to rent im a male 18 of age i can drive but dont currently have a car im currently sofa surfing i work full time

Kayla Looking in Shirley

Budget: £700 pcm
Kayla User Image

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