Rooms Wanted In Amersham

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Andy Tring
Budget: £900 pcm
I am looking to rent a one/two bed flat on a long term basis close to the train station or with good bus links. A little about myself, I am a Health and safety professional working throughout the uk,
Rudy Tring
Budget: £500 pcm
I’m looking for a double room in the Tring area. I require parking.
Connor Burnham
Budget: £1000 pcm
Claudia High Wycombe
Budget: £400 pcm
double room
David High Wycombe
Budget: £500 pcm
I work at High Wycombe Hospitals and need a Single Room indefinitely close to the Town Centre. I would also consider a Double Room as my husband and I have businesses in The Philippines which he runs
Matt High Wycombe
Budget: £600 pcm
Sanjivni High Wycombe
Budget: £400 pcm
I am a student. Currently doing her apprenticeship in High Wi
Viktor High Wycombe
Budget: £500 pcm
Working professional. Tidy.
Sarah High Wycombe
Budget: £400 pcm
Matthew Cressex
Budget: £400 pcm
Benson High Wycombe
Budget: £400 pcm
I am a professional with my own Community Interest Company that is looking to downsize my outgoings whilst building my new business.
ANNA High Wycombe
Budget: £600 pcm
I work in High Wycombe as a carer in a Retirement Home
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