Rooms Wanted In York

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Suele York
Budget: £600 pcm
I am a professional looking for a double room in the York area.
Nilakshi York
Budget: £800 pcm
Hi I'm an Mba student in York St John university and my husband will be working.
Moeen York
Budget: £600 pcm
I am a 22 year old international student from Pakistan who is going to graduate this summer. I like to keep to myself in a house and tend to keep the communal spaces clean at all times. My main interests
Hilde York
Budget: £700 pcm
Lucy York
Budget: £600 pcm
I'm looking for a room to share with my boyfriend, to move in as soon as possible.
Marion York
Budget: £500 pcm
French student coming to York for her 3rd year degree, looking for a nice place to share near from the Uni.
Cameron York
Budget: £600 pcm
23 y/o undergrad at UoY.
Katy York
Budget: £500 pcm
Nauman York
Budget: £400 pcm
I am a researcher and a teacher. I love to socialise, discuss politics, travel together with friends, and watch movies together. However, I respect private space and like to keep places tidy.
Ellie York
Budget: £700 pcm
Lauren York
Budget: £600 pcm
Olayinka York
Budget: £700 pcm
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