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Rental Adverts Down, Rents Up

14th October 2022 Rooms For Let

Rental prices in the UK have soared over the last few months alongside a drop in advertised rental properties.

Although we are in the midst of a cost of living crisis, property rents have increased throughout the UK. In September 2022, available rentals were a third down and this has helped fuel significant increases in rental costs.

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Section 24 - What Does It Mean For Landlords

10th October 2022 Rooms For Let

Section 24 is an amendment to UK Tax law which applies to income on residential rental properties. The change means the amount of income tax relief received by landlords is reduced.

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Rent-A-Room Scheme

5th October 2022 Rooms For Let

Are you considering renting a room in your own home or struggling with day to day costs and looking for additional income?

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