Rooms Wanted In Aylesford

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Michelle Burham
Budget: £800 pcm
Diana Maidstone
Budget: £600 pcm
My partner and I are looking for professional single tenant to rent a whole property with, in Maidstone, Kent. My partner is a junior doctor.
James Maidstone
Budget: £400 pcm
Terry Maidstone
Budget: £600 pcm
Leo Maidstone
Budget: £400 pcm
Hello, I’m helping my son look for a place to stay for a year, while he finishes his college diploma in Maidstone. He’s 20, a quiet lad and is studying fine art. I will be paying his deposit/ moving
Jay Maidstone
Budget: £600 pcm
hey, i am a young man determined to do well in life. i aim straight for my goals but as life isn't as easy as that, you get obstacles along the way. i have been made homeless due to a long term relationship
Tony Maidstone
Budget: £400 pcm
Working male. Music lover. Generally quiet.
Joanna Maidstone
Budget: £300 pcm
Sarah Maidstone
Budget: £600 pcm
Scarlet Maidstone
Budget: £900 pcm
Full time professional worker. 23 Owns an adult house trained cat
Ericka Maidstone
Budget: £500 pcm
I am a young professional from Brazil, currently living in London. I am Christian, single, very clean, tidy, calm. I am a social introvert.
Sam Rochester
Budget: £400 pcm
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