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Government Changes to EPC Rules for 2028 Scrapped

15th November 2023 Rooms For Let

The UK Government has recently scrapped (October 2023) proposals for changes to Energy Efficiency standards previously due to be introduced in 2028. This was announced in a review of green policies and means the scrapping of proposals to force all Landlords to adopt a minimum standard of energy efficiency for rental properties.

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Renters Reform Bill – Ban on No Fault Evictions Delayed

30th October 2023 Rooms For Let

The Renters Reform Bill is a proposed piece of legislation in the United Kingdom intending to change the law on renting homes including the abolition of no-fault evictions. It is also intended to abolish fixed term assured tenancies and assured shorthold tenancies in favour of periodic tenancies.The ban on no fault evictions has been delayed with no commitment to a future date.

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Is There a Rent Emergency?

12th October 2023 Rooms For Let

Is there a rent emergency due to ever increasing rents and serious lack of available accommodation? Charities in Greater Manchester have declared a Private Rent Emergency due to these and other issues.

Other problems such as a lack of security and poor conditions can leave families feeling vulnerable and, due to the lack of stock, don’t feel they can complain to the landlord for fear of eviction.

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Do Your Tenants Have the Right To Rent?

3rd October 2023 Rooms For Let

Landlords are required to ensure all tenants have the Right to Rent in the UK and to check immigration status.
The Government guide on states’ All landlords in England have a responsibility to prevent those without lawful immigration status from accessing the private rented sector. You do this by conducting right to rent checks on all prospective adult tenants before the start date of a tenancy agreement, to make sure the person is not disqualified from renting a property by reason of their immigration status.

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Scam Warnings When Renting a Room

15th August 2023 Rooms For Let

Are you concerned about renting a room and fear of fraud, scam or other issues?

Whilst the majority of Landlords registered with us are genuine and trustworthy, we always advise caution when searching for a room, arranging viewings and of course making your first payments. We do check all registrations and adverts but in some cases, it is very difficult to spot certain issues.

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