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Scam Warnings When Renting a Room

15th August 2023 Rooms For Let

Are you concerned about renting a room and fear of fraud, scam or other issues?

Whilst the majority of Landlords registered with us are genuine and trustworthy, we always advise caution when searching for a room, arranging viewings and of course making your first payments. We do check all registrations and adverts but in some cases, it is very difficult to spot certain issues.

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Interest Rate Rises, Landlords and Homeowners

8th August 2023 Rooms For Let

Interest rates continue to rise in the UK with a further increase of 0.25% on 3 August 2023 taking the rate to 5.25%. This will have a greater impact on home owners and landlords alike who are have mortgaged properties and are not in a fixed term or coming close to the end of the fixed term.

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Rent My Room. Are you looking to rent a room in your own home?

27th June 2023 Rooms For Let

Renting a room in your own home is a great way to earn additional income and in many cases, it is tax free with the governments Rent a Room Scheme. This scheme allows you to rent one room in your own home tax free on income up to £7,500.00 per year. As long as you don't exceed this amount there is no need to declare it to HMRC./search/

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Section 21 - Renters Reform Bill

23rd May 2023 Rooms For Let

The Renters Reform Bill will shortly be brought in to law by the UK Government provided the bill passes through the relevant steps in parliament. The bill will abolish section 21 and bring an end to ‘no fault’ evictions.

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A Short History of Rooms For Let

18th May 2023 Rooms For Let

RoomsForLet was one of the first websites of its kind, matching available rooms to rent with tenants from throughout the UK and overseas. We operated initially from a basement in the Manchester area and still retain our base in the City.

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