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Section 21 - Renters Reform Bill

23rd May 2023 Rooms For Let

The Renters Reform Bill will shortly be brought in to law by the UK Government provided the bill passes through the relevant steps in parliament. The bill will abolish section 21 and bring an end to ‘no fault’ evictions.

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A Short History of Rooms For Let

18th May 2023 Rooms For Let

RoomsForLet was one of the first websites of its kind, matching available rooms to rent with tenants from throughout the UK and overseas. We operated initially from a basement in the Manchester area and still retain our base in the City.

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Interest Rates and Rooms To Rent

3rd April 2023 Rooms For Let

Interest rates increased in the UK again on 23 March 2023 by 0.25% to 4.25% which will have a further impact on tenants and landlords alike.

For Tenants it can obviously mean a rent hike if a contract is coming up for renewal or you are looking for a property at this time as the Landlord may look to pass these extra costs on.

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Leeds – Rooms To Rent and What the City Has to Offer

30th March 2023 Rooms For Let

Leeds is an excellent location to rent a room for many reasons, from a cultural aspect with renowned galleries and exhibitions to sporting venues, bars and restaurants.

If culture is your preference, Leeds Art Gallery, Yorkshire Cricket Club Museum,  Marks and Spencer Company Archive and Horsforth Village Museum. Leeds also offers four theatres, a world-class arena, and many other independent venues.

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Tenants Leaving Cities To Rent Rooms Elsewhere

30th March 2023 Rooms For Let

An increasing number of tenants are leaving large UK cities in order to find cheaper places to rent further afield. This is due to increasing rents, cost of living increases and more people able to work from home.

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